Houston Art Car Parade Weekend

The Houston Art Car Parade
is (generally) the 2nd Saturday in April
2021 it is the 3rd weekend - April 17th
Check the Calendar for specific times and locations.  Click the day above to skip to events for that day.  Some events are open to the public, others are for artcar artists only.  Some are produced by The Orange Show Center for Visionary Arts, others are hosted by HACK.  Any questions?  Contact us or The Orange Show.
And as always READ YOUR PACKET!  (don't have one?  Did you submit your entry to the Orange Show to be in the parade?)

Wednesday 6 - 9pm



HACK's annual Welcome to Houston Party

6 - 9pm

Dinner is on us!

The kickoff to the weekend of activities.  A chance for artcar artists to meet, catch-up, and see our new creations.  No media invited, just for us and our friends.

THURSDAY  9am - 1pm


Sponsored by The Orange Show, we take the parade to the people, visiting schools, hospitals, and other places where folks might not be able to get to the parade.  More info in your packet.

THURSDAY 6pm - 10pm
Sneak Peek at Discovery Green

Sponsored by The Orange Show, this is a stationary event that allows the public, especially children to get up close to artcars.  Always great live music for the event. More info in your packet, and on the calendar.


FRIDAY 7-11pm


The Ball is produced by The Orange Show.  Each parade entry is usually given 2 tickets.  Some cars are parked "inside" the ball.  There is great live music, performers, food, and of course - US!

Wear your best costume, or just show up and be inspired and have fun!

(For more info see the calendar and your packet)

(starting to sound familiar?!!!)


check your packet for details


Like nothing ever, anywhere, ever

Come watch over 200 artistically wheeled wonders turn concrete into a colorful canvas that celebrates the artist in everyone…including you! 
For more info check your packet! Or the Calendar!

Or thehoustonartcarparade.com

Line up begins at 10am
Parade Rolls at 2pm


(after the parade)

Sometimes there is a gathering spot, a hangout time, after the parade, before the Nighttime Illuminated Cruise.  

A chance to say

"WOW! I just drove in front of over 200,000 people!!!"

Check the Calendar and/or your packet for details.

Sometimes HACK organizes something, sometimes the Orange Show does.

This photo is from a late 90's post-parade hang out ...



Nighttime Illuminated Cruise

Meet up 6pm

Cruise Departs 8:30pm

Where to meet?

Check the Calendar

What to bring?

Bring What You Need**

(**see the Art Car Code of Ethics)

Awards Ceremony

& Brunch

Sponsored by

The Orange Show


10am - 2pm


For details check

your packet,

the calendar, or


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