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Nighttime Illuminated Cruise

  • FOLLOW the directions, NOT the person in front of you

  • Obey all traffic laws and use common sense

  • Do not run red lights, or stop signs

  • Drive the speed limit, OR go a little slower so we can stay together

  • Everyone should wear seatbelts 

  • Please use common sense, if you do something ridiculous this can ruin the fun for a lot of people, or cause death, or jail time

  • Note:  in Texas it is against the law to have an open container in the vehicle by the driver or passenger

  • If you are stopped for more than 5 seconds, honking your horn helps

  • Generally, routes are NOT verified for very tall cars  

    • you know who you are, look up!

  • Mundane (non-arty) cars should stay at the end of the procession

  • Have a designated driver if you plan on drinking



Where to meet? When to meet?

Check the Calendar

What to bring?

Bring What You Need**

(**see the Art Car Code of Ethics)

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