Houston ArtCar Klub

Houston: The Artcar Capital of the World!

HACK! is:

a club of like minded individuals

together for the fun of it!

If you have an event you would like artcars to participate in, please contact us HERE.
Check out the CALENDAR for new events and information.

Each car is independently owned and operated, HACK! does not own any artcars.

 If you are looking for a 501c3, non-profit organization directly related to folk art in the Houston area, and the producers of Houston's Annual Art Car Parade, please visit www.OrangeShow.org or www.TheHoustonArtCarParade.com

ArtCar Code of Ethics

Originally conceived and recorded by Jen McKay, Gene Pool, and Tom Kennedy

1. More is Better

2. Peaceful Cohabitation

3. Bring your own food (or whatever you may need)

4. Do What's Right

5. Pull all the strings you can

6. Courtesy is practiced here. **

** from the wall at the Orange Show, added 9/8/99


Request ArtCars

for your event

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(and we will send a reminder a few days before the event)

158 Mark Garrett- PercyPeacock- Houston
12 Todd Bowers- Luchamobile-Houston, Tex
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