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Houston ArtCar Klub

The Houston Art Car Klub! was formed in June 1994 by a few local artists.
Founding members include Tom Kennedy, Bryan Taylor, Penny Smith (who coined the name, spelling and punctuation of Houston Art Car Klub!), Harry Leverette, Nicole Strine, Rebecca Bass, Moira and Tom LaFaver... and others that time, and loss of memory have left off of this list!

In the beginning,  Tom Kennedy made the initial suggestion that we start a club.  Reverend Bryan Taylor agreed, and was nominated for leadership, and it stuck for the next 12 years.
David Moore,  took on the role of HACK! Prez for a few months after Bryan stepped down.  Nicole Strine was Houston Art Car Klub President for 11 years (2006 - 2017). 
Kristie Odom & Rebecca Lowe, have taken the reigns as of the bloodless coup in 2017 at Traders Village (pictured below). 
(Rebecca and Kristie, dressed like Nicole, Rev. Bryan is sandwiched in the middle.)

This is a contagious group of people, and an even more contagious hobby. We have meetings every couple of months and do some fun things together throughout the year. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

If you have any questions, email us! 

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