Shelley Buschur Celebration
Oct. 9, 2021



Cancega  Xicas Unidas

United Women's Drum group

8 - 8:45

Free Radicals

6:30 - 7:15 Houston's A.S.S.


Orange Show Center for Visionary Art

Joyce Day


Kat Mims

minding the space

Houston Artcar Klub


Bright Star Productions

Bill Day Sound Design

Rebecca Lowe


THANK YOU to everyone who was there for Shelley and Kirk in 2020, and who keeps showing up. Thanks also to everyone who helped make this event happen.

Kirk would especially like to thank:

Kristie Odom

Debbie Elliot

Lida Keene

Cathy Power

Chris Beckett

Chivon Jackson

Kevin Murphy

Kat Mims

Everyone at the Orange Show Center for Visionary Arts

Anthony Barilla

Nick Cooper

Malcolm Hackney

Raya Miller

Rebecca Lowe


Houston's A.s.s. - Anthony Barilla, Erin Rogers, Cathy Power, Jacob Bori

Cancega xicas unidas - Joyce Day, Chloe DeHoyos, Monica Villarreal

Free Radicals - Nick Cooper, Nick Gonzalez, Pete Sullivan, Marcos Melchor, James Edwards, Tavian Morgan

Family - Kirk Suddreath, partner; Kay Miron, aunt; Bob Miron, uncle; Hope LaFuente, cousin

Officiant - Rebecca Lowe


Click the link above to read the full obituary written by Jennifer Mathieu Blessington.