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Shelley Buschur Memorial Art Car Barbie
Fashion Award

In 2022, HACK (in conjuction with The Orange Show) created the Shelley Buschur Memorial Art Car Barbie Fashion Award to recognize the person who brings the look all parade weekend long.  Selection is made by the judges with your HACK Madam Presidents and advisors.  Shelley was known for her outrageous and fantastic art car weekend costumes, and this award is for those who continue the tradition to ROCK IT with style and theme and matching their artcars during parade weekend.  We miss you Shelley!


Shelley Buschur - 2015


Amy Zebra!

We lost Shelley in 2020, just days after her 60th birthday.  (We did manage to give her a great birthday, art car parade around her house that day... )  For any who knew her, she embodied joy, creativity, and always, a great fashion sense!  She was a great mentor to many art car folks in putting together outfits to match their cars, adding lights to said outfits, and generally being an inspiration to do more and make it bigger and better! 

This award is to acknowledge those who keep her legacy alive, and show off awesome outfits all parade weekend (and sometimes all year!) long.

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