For those of you not familiar with the story ...

In 1995

Jack Updyke became the Patron Saint of Life on Wheels because he comes to the aid of, and works miracles (large and small) for wheeled artists, skaters, scooters, and cyles all around Houston.  Instead of waiting for him to slip off this mortal coil to honor him, we celebrate his gifts and company each year on his birthday, February 14th!

A party of art cars, artcar artists, Houston skaters, scooters, cycles, and other wheeled modes of transportation.



Our color is BLUE,

our symbol is the WHEEL. 

The Houston Art Car Klub celebrates Saint Jack's Day, on  February 14th each year. 

For specific details, check the calendar

The annual gathering of wheeled advocates celebrating the birthday of St Jack, the Saint of Alternative Wheeled Lifestyles.

We're doing things a little different this year ... honoring the Saint Jack in all of us.  Our own St. Jack is alive and well, and celebrating in his own way.

7pm - Gather at Bobcat Teddy's Icehouse, 2803 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX 77007 (previously Jimmie’s Icehouse on White Oak near Studewood)

There will be cupcakes (with Blue Icing, of course) and there will be toasts to the original St. Jack, and to the St. Jack in all of us.

Kelly Blakley will have Saint Jack's Day candles for sale - first come, first served, contact her now to reserve your candle!