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HACK! gives two awards each year during the Houston Art Car Parade Awards Ceremony.

~ In 2004, HACK created the Brother BrianBryan Memorial Award to recognize the meritorious service of a member of the Klub for devotion to the Klub, artcars and going above and beyond in promoting the positive ideals of an artcar daily-driver lifestyle to the community at large.  The one who walks the walk...


~ In 2010, we added an award for the member who comes to the aid of anyone in need, at any time.  The Jeff Towns Memorial Award.  The person who drops what they are doing to help out another person in our vast artcar community of friends.  From fixing a flat tire, to rebuilding all or part of anything under the hood of your car, to someone who holds your hand in bad times... this award celebrates the helping hand.  While the Brian Bryan Memorial Award recognizes the person who "walks the walk and talks the talk of a Houston art car artist all year", this award specifically targets that person who is the most helpful in the Houston artcar community.  Jeff Towns was that kind of person.

BrianBryan Memorial Award

Jeff Towns Memorial Award